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the home page for our RV full-timing story 2007 to current

You can navigate our website with the hot buttons at your screen's left side. Also we've included an explanation and some quick links below for some choices -- click on any green word to select.

What's our latest blog post? where we sometimes blog about travels, what project we're doing, what's going on.

Where are we now? Updated when we move our house, Our geographical position reported through Ham Radio APRS -- click on the link to see a map with our N5RTG symbol on it

WBCCI is, for us, the best part We belong to WBCCI The Airstream Club, and include this page on why we think WBCCI is the best of Airstreaming.

Our Gear Page The list of what we pack for life "on the road" and

Lifestyle which tells a little about our life like what we eat, how we entertain ourselves, and what we're doing about building a house someday.

1st Year Stories Journal of our first year experiences, with photos (before we switched to Our Wordpress blog site.)

Home improvements page updated Mar 2017, Jim explains a lot of the equipment we carry (and some we gave up)

FAQ page updated Jun 2016, Those frequently asked topics. (health insurance not yet updated with latest info)

Why Amateur Radio? updated Mar 2017, We're both licensed amateur radio operators. It's helpful at times, is a lot of fun, and ALWAYS works.

Rainbow over Airstream

     [photo by David & Denese Lee]

Enough with the introductions, Let's see how this chasing 75 degrees thing works out!

We hope our website supports folks interested in full-timing and those already full-timing, and is interesting reading for any others. We share a lot of details about how we do this and how it works out for us. If you don't find what you're looking for, we'd appreciate a note from you so we can improve this totally non-commercial site. Please write us at as4822@gmail.com

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