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rev 01 Jan 2016

You have several choices, current blog, special trips, or old journals. The old journal is very different because we tried writing our journal with photos simply in html and have our first year's stories there. We changed Aug 2008 to blogging in Wordpress to make navigating, following us, and searching our stories easier than in the older web site format.

We posted very regularly throught the first nine months of 2013, then took a 3-month hiatus
for several excellent reasons. We post as the mood strikes us, which can be pretty infrequently at times. Other times we'll post at least weekly. We follow, and sometimes comment on, other full-timers' blogs and enjoy their comments to ours. Your comments help us know if we're reaching you with our stories or if you want other topics.

You can see our accounts of our great 2012 Alaska Caravan starting with this link to our Alaska trip stories

Another fun trip was to the Swiss Festival and Sugarcreek Rally in Ohio. Click on OHIO SWISS FESTIVAL, to see our pictures and experience at this great rally, September 22-29, 2007.

To read our current (usually) wordpress blog click here   [August 2008 - Present]

To view our archived journals (pre-August 2008) click here

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