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updated 29 Dec 2017

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Dreamstreamr's 2017 Travels

Our biggest towing travel year ever, we went from NC out to three famous state and federal parks in southern California and back to NC by way of Orlando FL, then up to Niagara Falls then Jersey City NJ and back to NC. Then we went up to Escanaba MI (on the UP) and out to Salem OR before catching several National Parks and working our way down through Colorado. Finally, we made it to the International Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta before again heading back to NC.

The big red truck, now over twelve years old, has more than 200,000 trouble-free miles. We're still not worrying about top mileage on it. All told we've replaced two hubs and the gear shift lever and had no failures. We still love driving it. The trailer picked up a large (bigger than Jim's fat thumb) dent on the roadside front corner from some passing behemoth tossing out rocks. Otherwise it looks as good as ever and is holding up terrifically.

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For the first time in awhile, we didn't make it to south Florida nor to the West Coast. Again started the year towing to Rayne LA from NC, as in 2014. We had a couple of long trips last year, one out to the International Peace Garden via Escanaba MI and the other to Ottawa. Ontario and Quebec City, Quebec. On our return from Quebec we made our first foray into Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Towing miles went up slightly, number of towing trips stayed nearly the same for the year.

The big red truck, heading for twelve years old, turned over 180,000+ miles. We're not going to worry about top mileage on it. It's paid for, runs great, has a newly recoated ARE tonneau cover, great tires, and the interior's still in fine shape. We're saving money every mile we don't spend new money on another truck.

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Buying very attractive and enjoyable wooded land in NC mountains subtracted some wandering miles this past year. Still, made it out west and all the way to central Pennsylvania, and south to Miami. A very good travel year with 2nd lowest total travel miles in the eight full-timing years.

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Another great year. Started 2014 towing to Rayne LA from NC, and spent January, February, and 1/2 of March in Florida. We piled on many miles going to WBCCI International Rally in Gillette, then down to Farmington NM, up to Vancouver BC, and back to NC. October found us towing south to LA (lower Alabama)then back up to NC and, before the end of the year, made another trip to Rayne LA. Big mileage year, probably won't hit that total again soon.

Our 2014 towing mileage was 14,866, the second most in nine years of touring. This brings our total full-timing towing miles to almost 100,000 miles. Our truck has 141,000 total miles, so towing represents 71% of our total truck mileage. The truck and trailer each continue to delight us with low maintenance needs and costs. We're on track to get the truck to 190,000 miles before replacing it sometime in the next four or five years.

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A great year again, yet without a caravan. Covered three corners, from San Diego to Key West to Vancouver BC, so piled up some mileage. A wedding drew us back to NC at end of summer and we decided to stay in the southeast for the remainder of the year, touring parts we hadn't done before

Our 2013 towing mileage was 13,350, bringing our total full-timing towing miles to 80,000 miles. Our truck has 114,000 total miles, or another 24,000 miles on it from touring around without the trailer. We want at least another five years from our great truck, and maybe forty more years from the Airstream trailer. Just read yesterday in an eco newsbit from this campground, aluminum won't decompose for 80-100 years. That'll do.

See the map of Dreamstreamr's 2012 Travels

2012 will be our second highest year, and probably our biggest for a long time to come. We traveled east from Mesa AZ to the east coast, then up to Ontario, west to join a lengthy (63 day) WBCCI Alyeska Caravan, then south through Sun Valley ID and finishing in Mesa AZ.

Our 2012 towing mileage was 14,134 miles, bringing our total full-timing towing miles to 67,430 miles. Our truck has 91,000 total miles, or another 24,000 miles on it from touring around without the trailer.

See the map of Dreamstreamr's 2011 Travels

We towed 8,600 miles for 2011. The low miles owe primarily to staying in Charlotte NC for May through early September and in Mesa AZ November and December.

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We towed approx 9,200 miles for 2010, a good year. This despite one caravan and heading from southern Florida to Vancouver, BC. But we didn't, for the first time, take the trailer back to the East Coast until February 2011, so we cut a few miles from 2009's total, despite participating in the WBCCI Southwest Caravan.

See the map of Dreamstreamr's 2009 Travels

We towed 9,300 miles total for 2009, our lowest so far. No caravan, just our wandering about for the year.

See the map of Dreamstreamr's 2008 Travels

We sold the house February 2008 and hit the road perhaps too earnestly, recording 16,000 towing miles. Two caravans, extra trips almost all the way up and down I-5, and seemingly no bounds to how far we can go. Not a world record but waaaay more than we planned or want to repeat. And we were so glad to stop, finally, for Winter 2008.

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We started full-timing August 8, 2007 with an 8,500 mile shakedown trip before selling the house. Then we returned home and reassessed what we needed before we got rid of house and all the stuff.

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