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Dreamstreamr 2014 Travel Map

updated 9 Jan 2016

Our 2014 towing mileage was 14,866, the second most in nine years of touring. This brings our total full-timing towing miles to almost 100,000 miles. Our truck has 141,000 total miles, so towing represents 71% of our total truck mileage. The truck and trailer each continue to delight us with low maintenance needs and costs. We're on track to get the truck to 190,000 miles before replacing it sometime in the next four or five years.

Our full-timing travel stats improved a little in 2014. We spent $4,050 on camping sites, down from $4,600 and $6,900 the prior two years. Our average cost of camp site rental for 2014 dropped to $11/night, down from $19 and $13 the prior two years. Our average nights stay per site increased slightly to seven nights, the highest for all years except one in which we stayed five months (really really long time) in one site.

One expected change was an increase in our towing miles per relocation. We hit 286 miles per relocation in 2014, the highest in nine years of our recordkeeping (the previous high was 254 in 2011.) We expected a little increase in service to our Airstream owners' association, WBCCI because Jim was elected in 2014 to serve as a Vice-President of this great International association.

Map of 2014 dreamstreamr travels

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