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updated Dec 2018, numerous updates to Interior Improvements

We divided the "improvements" into these three major categories:

Go to Exterior Improvements Modifications or additions to the trailer's exterior or to the truck.

Go to Interior Improvements The things we have changed inside our Airstream 25' travel trailer.

Go to Failed Ideas These are the ones we thought weren't improvements after all. Some so-called "solutions" are better avoided entirely.

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This is our full-time home eleven years plus, so far. We're committed to living in it and we have time and energy to attend to it. Our goal is to keep our home simple, uncluttered, and well-suited to how we want to live. We try to keep this up to date with every improvement. If you know of an upgrade you think we should make, or one we've made and not documented, please share it with us. We're interested in hearing from you.

Home Improvements is one of our pages generating the most interest in conversations and emails. Folks want to know the mods we've made and the outcomes. It's nice to see how it turned out for someone else before you try to sell the idea to your dear wife, right? This adds an interesting perspective for us. We get to look at the changes through your eyes.

Our Airstream suits us wonderfully. But we're not finished and perhaps never will be. We have avoided changes which would clutter or mar the beauty of our camper's iconic design. On the other hand, we continue to modify the camper to suit our lifestyle and interests. It's our home and we're having fun living in and gently customizing it.

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