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Dreamstreamr 2008 Travel Map

February 3 through October 12, 2008 we tore up the roads of North America. We didn't mean to do it, but did fall prey to the same condition confronting many new full-timers. There were no limits to what we could do or see, right? No more job, no grass to mow. Go anywhere we want as quickly as we want.

This map is the WBCCI Fly-Drive Caravan, where we flew into Anchorage, AK, rented a 25' Class C motorhome, and followed a guided tour for several weeks.

This year we simply overbooked ourselves. We started from North Carolina with a three- month trip to Florida. Then back to NC to drop off the rig and catch a plane to Alaska. WBCCI has a wonderful quick caravan in Alaska called "Fly-Drive Alaska". It was wonderful. Then fly home and the next day head out for Bozeman, Montana, for the WBCCI International Rally. Then immediately join up for the WBCCI National Landmarks West Caravan from Hardin, Montana throughout the U.S. northwest for 53 days.

The lower map is of our travels towing the Airstream everywhere the remainder of the year.

Immediately after the caravan, circumstances led us south from Bandon, Oregon to Bakersfield, California, then up to Vancouver, B.C., then back to Bakersfield and to Charlotte, NC. We collapsed upon arriving in the Charlotte area, and didn't move for nearly three months.

Okay, got that out of our system. We can start anew next year, and try to calm it down a little.

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