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We spent January through March luxuriating in Okeechobee, Florida. It was fabulous right up until the end. And you know, we could tell it was time to leave. The days were hot hot. When we run the rig's air conditioning, you know it's hot. And we ran it several days the last week. Time to go!

We spent a little time in north Florida then Georgia and North Carolina before heading to Dayton, Ohio, for Hamvention, the largest hamfest in North America. We wandered Ohio another week before heading up to Michigan for a week, then down to southern Illinois for a week, then up to Wisconsin for five weeks.

Jim wanted to stay in Clear Lake, Minnesota, longer because they have free golf and he was enjoying the friends we made there. Oh, and the coffee and doughnuts on Saturday mornings were nice, too. But it was time to go after a couple of weeks -- we want to see our granddaughter in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. So we're off to Winnipeg, Calgary, Banff, Kamloops, then Vancouver.

Another nice visit with the kids in Vancouver and we're off to Washington State. Bay View State Park is a gem, right near Mt Vernon and on Padilla Bay. Then our first visit to the Cascades with a little backpacking trip added in. Spend a very nice week with friends near Boise, Idaho, before going to Sun Valley for ten days. Gets too cool, so let's head south via Salt Lake City, to Mesa, AZ.

We were only going to spend a month in Mesa. We were invited to stay six weeks instead to play on the tennis team. How could we turn this down? If we stayed only one month we would have plenty of time to drive across the country to spend Christmas in the Charlotte area. But by staying an extra two weeks we left ourselves less than a week to cross the country.

We had an extremely quick drive between Mesa and Kannapolis, N.C. Instead of four days we pulled almost 2,300 miles in only three long days. We would have loved to have spent longer on this drive but learned, on the morning of the third day, an icy winter storm was moving in the next morning. Okay, time to pull a long long day. We arrived in Kannapolis, NC, eight hours before the snow and ice storm and enjoyed watching snow fall from Deb's parent's house.

Our drive to Lake Okeechobee, right after Christmas, was mostly uneventful and was enjoyable. We're glad to be in Okeechobee, FL, again for a nice winter of days in the 75 degree range.

We pulled our RV just over 9,000 miles in 2009, and hope to keep our mileage this low per year hereafter.

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