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Dreamstreamr 2016 Travel Map

updated 13 Mar 2017

2016 was pretty cool for us. A little unusual that we didn't make it to the West Coast, although we did have a flight to Salem OR to preview the Airstream Club's 2018 International Rally Site. We made our towing miles for 2016 in the SouthEast, NorthEast, and a big trip to the International Peace Garden between Fargo ND and Winnipeg MB. Another really great trip took us for our first time to Ottawa, Quebec City, and down through Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and NY state before we headed south again.

Our 2016 towing mileage was 13,430, slightly above our nine-year average of 12,600 and 1,700 above 2015's total. This brings our total full-timing towing miles to 125,000 miles. Our truck has 187,000 total miles, so towing represents 67% of our total truck mileage. The truck and trailer each continue to delight us with low maintenance needs and costs. We still plan to run the truck at least to 200,000 miles, or another year or two at least, before replacement.

Our full-timing travel stats continued to trend down another year. We spent $2,838 on camping sites, down from $2,966 the prior year. Our average cost of camp site rental stayed a second year at $8/night. Our average nights stay per site stayed at six nights for a second straight year. Our total number of trips changed little, from 66 up to 64 towing trips for the year.

Our towing miles per trip bumped up to 210, compared to 178 miles per in 2015, a low number for us. The increase was driven by a series of Summer trips taking us all the way to The International Peace Garden at the border between North Dakota and Manitoba, then a great September trip up to Ottawa Ontario, then to Quebec City Quebec, then down through Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and across to western New York before heading southward again.

Map of 2016 dreamstreamr travels

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