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Dreamstreamr 2017 Travel Map

updated 13 OCT 2017

2017 will be a very different year in several respects. First, we made not one but two trips across the country and towed almost the whole east coast too. Jim's roles as 1st Vice President then President of WBCCI, the Wally Byam Airstream Club International, had us traveling a little more than the prior several years. Most of this was elective on our part, some of it was fulfilling necessary trips for the Club. Regardless we enjoyed all the travel this year.

Our 2017 towing mileage will total more than 18,000, well above our nine-year average of 12,600 and our highest year ever. This brings our total full-timing towing miles to 139,600 miles. Our truck has over 200,000 total miles. Towing still represents 67% of our total truck mileage. The truck and trailer each continue to delight us with low maintenance needs and costs. Towing miles were up this year because we planned trips in all four corner of the USA, New York and New Jersey, Florida, Southern California, and Oregon.

Towing miles per trip are up, average nights per stay dropped down to five (5), and per night site rental is steady at $11.

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